How To Enable Sharp Apple AirPrint

Sharp Apple AirPrint is a solution that allows you to print to AirPrint enabled printers directly from your Apple devices without installing any drivers or software packages. It’s like magic! AirPrint to Sharp printers with iPhone / iPad / iPod touch / and Mac OSX computers.
​Sharp has enabled AirPrint on all of the most recently released models. The following Sharp models have Sharp Apple AirPrint enabled from the factory:

  • Sharp MX-2640N
  • Sharp MX-3140N
  • Sharp MX-3640N
  • Sharp MX-4140N/4141N
  • Sharp MX-5140/5141N
  1. Open the Settings Menu
  2. Touch Network Settings on the left menu
  3. Touch the empty box to bring up the keyboard, the password is admin, touch OK, then Login
  4. Touch Print Port Settings on the left menu
  5. Move to the AirPrint tab, Enable using the drop-down menu, and Submit
  6. Reboot when prompted by touching the Reboot Now Button

Using your AirPrint compatible device, open the document, email or picture you’d like to print.
Touch the button that looks like the image below to open the Print menu, then touch Print, select your printer, adjust properties, touch Print.
At this point you can AirPrint to your Sharp printer! Sometimes it takes a minute for the file to spool from your phone to the printer, this is normal. Just be patient and appreciate how simple the process is! Enjoy.