How To Configure Sharp Print Driver with Installed Options​

Sometimes people will call in after their IT folks improperly setup their Sharp printer and mention that they can’t print from tray 3, or they can’t print with staples. The print driver wasn’t configured, it is a quick fix! Follow along with the video above to take your print driver by the horns and make it do whatever you want.
Configure Sharp Print Driver – Windows OS

  1. Open your control panel
  2. Right click on the Sharp printer
  3. Click Printer Properties…not properties
  4. Go to the Configuration tab (see * below if this is greyed out)
  5. Click Auto Configure
  6. Tick the dots where the fingers are pointing, duh
  7. Click apply.
  8. Enjoy using the full functionality of your machine

*If the configuration tab is greyed out this means the printer is installed on another computer or a server. The configuration will need to be done from that computer/server. You should be able to see in the printers menu what the name of the computer is as the name will be something like “Sharp MX-4140N on Server1.” You’d need to get in front of Server1 and knock this out there.
Configure Sharp Print Drivers – Mac OSX

  1. Open your System Preferences
  2. Open the Print and Scan menu, highlight the Sharp and click Options & Supplies
  3. Move to the Driver tab, tell the driver which options your machine has by using the drop down menus. Click OK