How To Scan To a USB Storage Device on Sharp Copier

Here are some quick instructions for how to scan to a USB on a Sharp MFP. Follow along with video below, or with the step-by-step pictures beneath it.
*Note: there are two different styles of screen on the Sharp copiers. If your screen does not look like the one in the video, scroll down to find the instruction in red.

  1. Touch Document Filing on your home screen
  2. Touch Scan To External Memory Device on the right menu
  3. Insert your USB drive into the machine
  4. Touch the empty box next to File Name to name your file
  5. Type in the file name of your choosing, then touch OK
  6. Touch Start

Older Style Screen Instructions:

  1. Touch Image Send
  2. Touch Condition Settings
  3. Touch Scan to Ext. Memory
  4. Pop your USB storage device in the slot on the front of the machine
  5. Name your file if you wish
  6. Touch Start
  7. Remove USB storage device